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Studio Update

Website Update:

Version 4.1 is here! The media page is simplified. Our url has changed to

Impractical Mind Update:

The third and final episode of the series is done. There were a few hiccups in post-production. All things considered, it turned out really well. We will upload it soon.

Podcast Update:

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really need a podcast AND a vlog. So, I have decided to end the podcast for now. I might start it up again when I get a new computer around Christmas time.

Jim Lettuce – Head of Temporary Space Studios


Network Update


I am officially coining the term “Ritual Watching.” You’ve heard of “Binge Watching.” Well, “Ritual Watching” is when you pick one show (usually with lots of episodes) and watch one episode every session until you are done or grow tired of the show. I have my sights set on ritual watchers. I will schedule content programming based on this idea. Furthermore, I will focus on the mobile market. However, I will not neglect the PC market.

Social Media

I am not sure how relevant Twitter is these days. I get the most engagement on Facebook and Instagram. I will now focus social media efforts only on Facebook & Instagram. Facebook will get the most love and Instagram will come in second.


I am making lots of episode of stuff so that we can get the “Ritual Watcher” crowd. I am focused on the mobile market. I only do Facebook & Instagram now.

-Jim Lettuce

Network Update

I have a new job. That means more funding. Post-Production on Episode 3 of “Impractical Mind” can now be completed. You won’t see a trailer until December or later.

Also, our bi-weekly podcast will now be re-branded as “The Temporary Space Show” – a monthly show on our Network YouTube Channel. The format will stay relatively the same. The podcast will still exist. We will simply use the audio of the show and make that the podcast.


New Podcast

I started my new podcast early. This is the first episode. The guest Myles Dunhill. The main theme of this podcast is “Industry Trends in Entertainment and Technology”. That includes Music. Among other things we discuss the future of Soundcloud.

Listen Below:


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